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GPED 39Pcs BBQ Grill Tool Set, Stainless Steel Grill Utensil Tools Set

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Fine Materials, Superior Craftsmanship
Combination of grade safety approved stainless steel and non-slip thermoplastic rubber, all the BBQ tools come with an ergonomic handle and hanging hook in the end to leave you the best wonderful barbecue experience. The unique design and superior performance of barbecue utensils will help any grill master cooking great food for years to come.

Complete and Practical Set
Our BBQ accessories provides you with barbecue makes necessary tools. Each tool is meticulously designed to serve both amateurs or professionals, men or women.

Cleaning and Storage
To get the absolute longest life out of your new tools set, ensure that you wipe off the water after cleaning and store them somewhere dry.

Everything You Need in Our Grill Accessories Kit
-1 Long-Handled Grill Tongs: Can pick up food quickly and effortlessly, flip food.
-1 4-in-1 Spatula: Easy to flip brisket & keep your hands away from the heat.
-2 Silicone Grill Brushes: Help you coat your favorite sauce to make grilled food more delicious.
-1 Grill Cleaning Brush: Stainless steel bristles can clean your grill in all directions easily.
-1 Knife with Sharp Edge: Easy to dice food and scrape the food waste.
-1 Durable Fork: The sharp head can easily pierce and grab the whole chicken.
-8 Skewers & 8 Corn Holders: To meet the needs of multi-person barbecues, 8 barbecue skewers can grill a variety of foods at the same time, and 8 corn forks can let you enjoy delicious food with your friends together. The stainless steel material can be reused, so there is no need to worry about polluting the environment.
-8 Stainless Steel S Hooks: They can be stored in the holder or hang it on the hooks, it's convenient for air drying.
-2 Spice Shakers: Pepper & Salt shakers, large capacity and high quality materials.
-1 BBQ Grill Glove: Heat-resistant glove, it can keep your hand cool while the grilling gets hot.
-1 Compact Storage Bag: Keep your tools neatly organized and better protection.

Package included:
1 x Meat Knife
1 x Meat Fork
1 x Power Tongs
1 x 4-In-1 Spatula
1 x Grill Cleaning Brush
1 x Extra Grill Brush Head
2 x Meat Claws
2 x Silicone Basting Brush
8 x Corn Holders
8 x BBQ Skewers
8 x Stainless Steel S Hooks
1 x Pepper Shaker
1 x Salt Shaker
1 x Squeeze Bottle
1 x BBQ Grill Glove
1 x Portable Storage Apron
  • [Premium Stainless Steel]: Our grill accessories are made from premium food grade stainless steel, which is BPA FREE, durable, rust proof and unbreakable. And each long-handle BBQ tool has a convenient hanging loops that help you storage them easily.
  • [Practical 35 PCs Grill Kit]: The most practical equipment you need are included in our grilling accessories. Spatula, fork, long-handled grill tongs, knife, grill cleaning brushes, 2 basting brushes, pepper & salt shakers, 8 corn holders, 8 skewers, 8 Stainless Steel S Hooks, grill glove, carry bag. With a compact storage bag which keep your tools neatly organized and better protection.
  • [Durable & Safe]: Every BBQ master should have a set of heat resistant long-handled grill tools to ensures that you can cook your meat from a safe distance without worry of getting burned. Our set has the most commonly found and useful long-handled stainless steel tools, more durable and safe than wood or rubber-handle tools as they will not crack or melt after extended use.
  • [Portable & Convenient Storage Bag]: Our grill tools set comes with a carry bag for easy of storage and carry. It can keep each tool in a neat position, so you could easily keep all the barbecue tools neatly organized and get better protected in the portable carry bag. The lightweight carry bag is easy to carry which is ideal for camping or picnic.
  • [Professional & Multipurpose]: These barbecue accessories perfect for all grills with charcoal, electric, rotisserie and so on, to ensure that your meal is juicy, tender and yummy.  Food grade grill tools are easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. It is a best grilling gifts for men & women, excellent gift for any camping lovers.